Monday, May 25, 2009

Japanese NLP mailing list

A new mailing list for discussing Japanese NLP (natural language processing) in English has been set up, by Jim Breen (of JMDict fame):

There is a lot of software for processing Japanese text which is only documented in Japanese, and even then only minimally documented. So the new list is an ideal place (for those of us more comfortable in English than Japanese) for asking about how to use chasen, cabocha, namazu, etc. Or to describe what you are trying to do and get program and data suggestions. Hopefully people will also post about new software and data releases, related conferences, new academic papers, and so on.

Also, if the above interests you then you will also want to know about this Ubuntu repository for all kinds of NLP software:

Much of the Japanese stuff is UTF-8 ready (as opposed to the EUC-JP that academic Japanese software still likes to default to).

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