Monday, July 27, 2009

New fclib and dcflash releases

A few days ago I updated my dcflash project on SourceForge. This is an open source (MIT license) actionscript library, with a data visualization emphasis:

In particular there is now an AS3 version. In fact the AS2 and AS3 releases currently have only a couple of classes in common. The AS3 classes are mostly for loading images, movies, and setting up slideshows; none of the chart classes from the AS2 version (or the only partially ported and unreleased AS1 library) are there yet. As I say in the release notes, I'm open to offers to port them to AS3. (A look at will show you the kind of things in the AS1 and AS2 libraries.)

And now today I've put up a new release of fclib. This is an open source (MIT license again) PHP library. Fairly ad hoc, but naturally lots of internationalization-related classes. The new 0.4.19 release contains some arabic classes, but other than that it is mostly just tweaks and small improvements:

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