Thursday, April 22, 2010

jquery, click here to crash IE8

IE6/7/8 had me pulling me hair out again, but I've just found the problem!

Here is the stripped-down code that shows the problem. We have a few divs, one that is active (and can be resized and dragged). The others are inactive but can be clicked to turn them into the active item.

var currentItem=null;

function makeActive(item){

Clicking back and forth between two items was fine in firefox, but IE8 would lock up (IE6/IE7 were the same). I kept stripping it down until it clicked (pun intended, sorry!). Yes, on each loop the click handler is added again. Each click handler is calling this function recursively and I think that is what locking up IE8.

The solution is simply to change the .click line to look like this:

That doesn't just make IE8 happy, it is also more clearly describes the click handler we want. In fact now I understand the problem I'm surprised firefox was not crashing too.

P.S. resizable('disable') does not work in JQuery 1.7; it is apparently fixed in JQuery 1.8 though.

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