Monday, February 7, 2011

ZendForm: inserting static text

I'm not a fan of Zend Form, or Zend Framework generally: too much structure, too much work to do anything slightly unusual. Trying to add static text to your form epitomizes this. Note, you have to work through the $form object, as in the view page this is all there is:
  <?=$form ?>

If you are using php 5.3, there is a quite reasonable solution:
    function(){return "<h3>Whatever</h3>";}))),

Yes, that is as minimal as I can get it, and yes, you must give a 'whatever_id' that is unique on your form, but you have complete control over what is output, and nothing else gets output.

If you are using php 5.2, there are two approaches. The first way is equivalent to the above, just slightly more verbose:
      create_function('','return "<h3>Whatever</h3>";')

The second way is a different approach:

Yes, four lines, and every line matters. Here is what gets output:
  <label class="optional" for="whatever_id"></label><h3>Whatever</h3>

I cannot stop the <label> tag appearing; If you can, let me know. (It does not appear to the end user, just in the HTML source, so this is not a serious issue.)

(2011-03-02: Edited to show the create_function() approach in php 5.2)

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