Thursday, July 14, 2011

Customize less: less annoying

Open ~/.bashrc (or ~/.bash_profile) and add this line at the end:
Don't ask why, just trust me. ('cos actually I don't know what it means either...)

This was the magic incantation to tell "git log" to wrap commit messages (instead of just chopping off everything extra).

But it has had the delightful side-effect of man now works properly. About 6 or 7 years ago I used to be able to type "man whatever", press q, and the advice would stay on screen. Then linux (all distros as far as I could tell) changed to hiding the man page as soon as you press q. Frequently I'd have to have two terminal windows open, simply so I could keep the man page open while I type my command. Yes, you're ahead of me; the above LESS command fixes this. If I'd known it would be so easy I'd have done this years ago!!

Even better, the help system in the R language was working just like man pages (and it was even more annoying there), and that has been fixed too.

It is a miracle, I tell you, a miracle! July 13th should go down as "Saint LESS=-FRX" day; in 100 years time it will be a public holiday and children will be taught about it in schools. They might even be taught what it means...

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Unknown said...

BTW, in a charming example of Tail Wagging Dog, the first few pieces of advice I found for getting git to wrap text was: never write long lines in your commit messages! Apparently vi even has a special mode that will help make sure you never commit this sin.

Fortunately Saint LESS=-FRX can cleanse the souls of us sinners.