Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Renaming files is easy!

What do you mean? Of course renaming is easy! From the GUI just click it and type the new name. From the linux commandline just type mv oldname newname.

But what about when you have 200 *.JPEG files and you need to rename them to be *.jpg? In the past I've written throwaway PHP scripts to do just this. Well, it turns out linux has a command called rename, that can use regexes. To rename those jpegs:
  rename 's/JPEG/jpg/' *.JPEG

What about a few thousand log files, and I want to remove the datestamp portion from the filename (because I'm going to keep each day's logs in their own subdirectory)? How about this:
  mkdir 20110203
  mv *.20110203.log 20110203/
  rename 's/.20110203//' 20110203/*

(See here for how to then use a bash loop to loop through all the datestamps you have to deal with.)

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