Thursday, September 3, 2015

Format Japanese date with kanji day-of-week

In Japanese, there are single kanji for each day of the week.
var days = ['日','月','火','水','木','金','土'];
(If you want to mutter them under your breath, at work, to impress colleagues, nichi-getsu-ka-sui-moku-kin-do.)
In JavaScript, to put them in a date use days[d.getDay()] (where d is a Date object).
I use sugar.js, which adds a format() function (amongst loads of other useful stuff) to the Date class; I now extend it further with this:
Date.prototype.format_ja_MMDDK = function(){
var days = ['日','月','火','水','木','金','土'];
return this.format("{MM}月{dd}日") + "(" + days[this.getDay()] + ")";
(If you hate underlines feel free to use `formatJaMMDDK() or anything you like, for the matter.)
Here is one way you might use it (jQuery-syntax):
$('.todaysDate').html(new Date().format_ja_MMDDK());

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